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Colour Machine Light Cabinet

  • CL-3000

  • Honsun

Technical features:                      

1. Substitute imported product of the smae category,genuine imported light tubes;

2. Wide used in dyeing and printing 、paint、chemical and printing industries;

3. Touch button switch is used to select light source 、equipped with integrated circuit、the light is stable;

4. Medium colored viewing case ,avoid pollution。

Technical pararmeters:

一、Lamp-house standard:

As confirmed by the International Illumination Committee CIE ,the standard for each lamp-house is as following:

1. CIE D65 Lamp-house:color temperture 6500K —even north sunlight,suitable for general use,can substitute natural light color, 20W × 2 are provided,other daylight source can be selected: CIE D75 ( 7500K north sunlight), CIE D50 ( 5000K even sunlight at noon)

2. TL84 tricolor fluorescent light source :color temperture4100K —Eurpoean Commercial,18W × 2 are provided,other daylight sources are selectable; CWF cold fluorescent light( 4150K —light source for general shops and offices) U30 warm white light ( 3000K —USA Commercial)

3. UV ultraviolet light source:suitable for checking substances that use fluorescent light and whitening dyes ,20W × 1 is provided;

4. F light source: 2856K — for home and kicthen 40W × 4 are provided。

二、 External dimension:

1. overall external dimension: 710 × 420 × 570mm

2. view box external dimension: 80 × 380 × 360 mm

3. power supply: 220V/50HZ

4. machine weight: 8KG

Foshan Honsun Machine Equipment Co., Ltd. design and manufacturing of dyeing and finishing machinery for more than 20 years.

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