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Degreasing Washing Machine in Open Width

  • Honsun


●  Output: 12-15 tons / 24h.

●  Water consumption: 6-8L/kg of fabrics.

●  Electricity consumption: 35-40 kW/h.

●  Steam consumption: 0.5-0.8 kg/kg of fabrics.


In the past, the process requirement for degreasing chemical fiber woven fabric with scouring solution in the dyeing cylinder is to slowly heat up it to 100 °C, and hold for at least 30 minutes, so that the grey cloth can be fully processed in the high temperature scouring liquid, to remove soiled yarn,lengthwise oil streaking, soil stains generated on the surface of the grey cloth during the weaving process, to achieve the purpose of cleaning cloth. After using the degreasing washing machine in open width, the grey cloth has a small working interval and a short working time, so that the degreasing and washing of the chemical fiber knitted fabrics in open width can realize the energy saving while cleaning cloth surface, and stabilize and improve the quality of the washing and degreasing. Open width degreasing and washing can not only fully shrink the grey fabric, prevent curling, but also improve the degreasing and washing effect.The most important is that water and electricity are saved by more than 50% , compared with the traditional degreasing and scouring process in the dyeing tank. .

Unit structure

Washing unit


●  Efficient washing with rotor, washing with immersion and spray washing design.

●  Low liquid volume of the water tank.

  Flexible control of water consumption.

●  Low tension due to the independent variable frequency drive of the drum.

Minimum tension is ensured by the tension control system.

Feeding unit


●  Non-tension stacking.

●  Powerful spraying to make fabrics fully absorb and exchange the auxiliaries.

●  Stable control system, according to the conversion formula,like liquid-carrying rate of fabric in and out and exchange          rate, accurately control the concentration of the tank solution, to avoid the fabric color difference and lot color different      of the fabrics.

Steaming chamber unit


●  The steam directly flows into the water tank of the chamber to heat and generate saturated steam. The internal                   temperature of the chamber can reach 100-104 °C.

●  Indirect heating coils are placed at the top and bottom of the steaming chamber. The chamber is wrapped with                  insulated cotton to ensure stable temperature and reduce steam consumption.

●  The fabrics into the chamber is via a gas tight device, and fabrics out of the chamber is via a liquid tight device to                ensure the temperature of the chamber is stable.

●  E-L centering device is used for fabrics out of the chamber.


Picture of washing unit

Feed injection system

●   Details of feed injection system

●   Chain link type mesh belt stacking box

●   E+L centering device for fabrics into the chamber.

●   PD25 tension device

●   E+L centering device for steaming chamber

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