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Mercerizing Process Series

  • Honsun


Suitable for mercerizing process of cotton and its blended knitted fabrics


  The fabric has a silky luster.

●  The dye adsorption capacity is enhanced, the color is bright, and it does not change color after washing for a long time.

●  Shrinkage rate, which improves the dimensional stability and flatness of the fabric, and minimizes the shrinkage of the        finished product.

●  The mechanical properties of clothes, such as strength and extensibility, have changed.

Energy consumption

●  Output: 12-15 tons / 24h.

●  Water consumption: 6-10L/kg of fabrics.

●  Electricity consumption: 45-50 kW/h.

●  Steam consumption: 0.8-1.0kg/kg of fabrics.

Indicator for measuring mercerizing effects

●  Lustre is one of the main indicators to measure the appearance of mercerized fabrics.

●  Observe microsection to see the change of fiber morphology.

●  Adsorption performance.

●  Value of barium: It is a common method to check the mercerizing effect. The greater the value of barium, the better            the mercerizing effect . The barium value of the mercerized cotton fabric= 100. The barium value > 150 means                    sufficient  mercerizing, general range is135~150.

● Dimensional stability.

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