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TI-B Tubular Fabric Inspection Machine



Technical parameters

1. Working width: 1200mm;

2. Mechanical speed: 0~40m/min;

3. Maximum rolling dimension: 500mm;

4. Motor power: 0.75KW

5. Power supply: 220V/6A

6. External dimension: L1700 ×  W1950  ×  H1660mm

Technical features:

1. It is applicable to double-sided inspection of cylindrical cloth;

Suitable for double-side cloth-inspection fo cylindrical rolled cloths

2. Roll loading and feeding hopper and high cloth feeding mode to reduce tension and facilitate observation;

Rolling device and cloth feed hopper with high cloth conveying method reduce tension and facilitate view

3. Double mirror reflection inspection, with a wider and clearer vision;

Double-mirror reflected inspection widens field of view and provides clear vision

4. Frequency conversion speed regulation control, which can freely control the cloth inspection speed;

Variable frequency speed control ,cloth inspection speed can be controlled freely

5. Wireless high-frequency control light tube lighting pedal control board, easy to operate;

Wireless high frequency control light pipe illumination ,foot-switch control panel,convenient to operate

6. The cloth can be rolled or swung for selection;

Optional for rolling or swing cloth delivery

7. Cloth inspection shuttle is designed in various specifications to meet the needs of different cloth types from 28 "to 42"

Cloth inspection shuttles are designed in multi specifications for diferent use ,from 28 " ~42

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